They stand up for us at public offices, on buses and trains, in hospitals or with the emergency services - and receive insults, threats or blows in return: People who work in the service of society are increasingly becoming victims of violence. The German Trade Union Confederation is now countering this with a large-scale initiative.

The focus is on the people.

"I'll get you safely to your destination - and you call me a wanker?" At the heart of the initiative are Germany-wide poster campaigns that confront viewers with the reality of work for many employees in the public and privatised sectors through unsparing testimonials. The large-scale portraits put people and their service to society centre stage.

Video portraits give those affected a voice.

The employees not only have their say on Citylights and special areas related to the initiative, e.g. trains, buses or even road sweepers, but also on the initiative's website, where video portraits and a trailer that introduces the topic when the website is accessed give those affected a voice. In addition, infographics present the results of several studies conducted by the DGB and the Federal Ministry of the Interior - and back up the employees' personal stories with figures.

"The Unaffected" - the cinema trailer for the initiative

In addition, infographics present the results of several studies by the DGB and the Federal Ministry of the Interior - and thus underpin the personal stories of the employees with figures.

Awareness of the problem, empowerment for those affected.

However, the initiative not only aims to raise awareness of violence, but also to empower and strengthen those affected. The website therefore provides DGB members with materials such as a set of arguments, templates for service agreements and ideas for action. And employees or DGB regions who want to come up with their own ideas will find support through our editorial and design support.

Hand opens black and white brochure

Together against violence.

Violence against employees cannot be stopped alone. An important part of the initiative is therefore cooperation, e.g. with authorities, transport companies and the victim support organisation WEISSER RING. And at events such as conferences and workshops on violence prevention and aftercare, employees, trade unionists, staff and works councils and external experts can come together to build skills and develop strategies against violence.

Photo of a speech at the EUREF Conference 2023, view between the rows of seats to the podium.

Danny Prusseit (DGB)

Photo of a workshop, view through the door into a room with people, on the right is a roll-up with campaign design.

Danny Prusseit (DGB)

Business card with hotline for those affected.

The DGB and WEISSER RING have set up a help hotline for those affected.