As a design agency, wegewerk ensures recognition with clear design lines. As an advertising agency for non-profit organizations and NGOs, we not only generate attention, but also want to surprise and entertain. And as a marketing agency we communicate social causes not only rationally but also emotionally.

Corporate design

We develop new logos and brands and the corresponding business equipment, adapt existing corporate designs for online media or supplement them with design systems for campaigns.


Of course, we can also create eye-catching poster and advertising motifs. In addition, we have the know-how how best to deal with the specific locations and target groups required for successful political campaigns.


Whether flyer or annual report, cover design or publication concept, efficient or prize-winning. We take care of the editorial design needs of our customers - also as a Web2Print solution.

Info Design

Our information designers present data, facts and connections in an understandable way - as a sharepic for social media, as an animation for your website or interactive chart that makes data comprehensible in a playful way.


As a design agency with a high level of technical know-how, we support our customers in digitizing their corporate publishing with Web2Print solutions, from simple print shops to the complete integration into business processes.

Canva Templates

If you use Canva to produce social media posts or customise flyers, we will be happy to create Canva templates based on your corporate or campaign design, set up Canva for you and train your team.

Accessible PDFs

Accessibility is important to us - as a web design agency and also as a design agency for corporate publishing. Because this is unfortunately not the case everywhere, we are happy to help make PDF documents from third parties accessible.


Ministry for Regional Development Baden-Württemberg A holistic design for holistic spatial planning.

State development planning - that sounds abstract at first. Together with the Baden-Württemberg Ministry for Regional Development and Housing, we have created a concept and a corporate design that explains the process of regional development planning in a clear and realistic way and involves citizens.

The claim "Space for tomorrow." with the logo of the Ministry of Regional Development and Housing on a yellow background.

German Nature Conservation Ring Redevelopment of the Corporate Design

The umbrella organisation of dozens of nature conservation associations in Germany is an important coordinator and political actor in Berlin and Brussels and commissioned us to develop a corporate design that better reflects this role.

The process of the logo creation showing the development from the old logo to the new one.

Deutsche Welthungerhilfe e.V. (World Hunger Aid) Transparency in development aid

wegewerk was commissioned to visualise the data material of a study that records the official development assistance (ODA) of the states of the G7 group. In the process, the development of the aid provided by the G7 states in recent years is illustrated in comparison to the funds required.

Hans und Ilse Breuer-Stiftung Revision of Corporate Design, Website and Public Relations

Die der Betroffenenhilfe und Forschungsförderung bei Demenz- und Alzheimererkrankungen gewidmete Stiftung beauftragte uns mit der Überarbeitung von Corporate Design, Broschüren und Website sowie dem Aufbau ihrer Pressearbeit.

German Renewable Energy Federation (BEE) Campaign for a transition to renewable energy.

For the German Renewable Energy Federation (BEE), we developed a campaign concept including action planning. (BEE), we developed a campaign concept including action planning that makes the fatal consequences of nuclear and fossil fuels visible.

Europa-Union Deutschland e.V. Logoentwicklung

„Hier sind die Europäer zuhause“ lautet die Losung der Europa-Union Deutschland. wegewerk hat für die hierzulande größte proeuropäische Bürgerinitiative ein neues Logo entwickelt. Die neue Wort-Bild-Marke bildet den Startschuss für eine Komplettüberarbeitung des Corporate Designs.