You don't like to work for just anyone or anything? You prefer to work for renowned customers with a cause that makes sense? You can think beyond a single type of media and the world is too big for you to just follow one discipline? You love to create autonomously within flat hierarchies and a family-like team spirit? Here you go.  

Current vacancies

Current vacancies freelancer

Why wegewerk?


Openness, democracy, ecology. We do not work for everyone - but make communication for a better society.


Our products gain support for important issues, communicate complex knowledge and make the good heard.


We do not build any disposable products. And we get to our customer appointments by train and bicycle - not by plane.

Life & Work

There is mor to life than work. That's why we offer compensatory time off, home office opportunities and flexible time models.


In the middle of Berlin and yet a world of its own: "Our" Königstadt Brewery business park cooperative.


One of the few agencies with a works council. Flat structures, a lot of personal responsibility and interdisciplinary work.


Sorry, we don't have a table football. But a big kitchen, a full fridge, fresh fruit, cool drinks and a sunny balcony.

Continuous training

Trainings, workshops and hackathons: we stay fresh in the mind.