Since 2001, wegewerk has been developing its own content management system, whose feature set is especially tailored to online campaign management. Theoretically, when using more widespread OpenSource software, you can benefit from further developments by third parties. Our in-house development, however, makes you independent of the sometimes conflicting interests of a scattered developer community. With ww.edit you get everything from one source.

Campaign tools

ww.edit was developed to quickly build a powerful online campaign. Newsletters, lists of supporters, e-cards, parliamentary mailings, action calendars - all ready for use in no time.

Easy to operate

You want your website to be maintained by numerous people who cannot possibly all be trained? No problem, our goal is intuitive handling and an editorial system that easily forgives mistakes.

Low support costs

Constant updates incur expenses. Invest in new features rather than testing whether your applications will survive the jump to the next version. "Don't fix it, if it's not broken".

Quickly implemented

We know our system by heart, so there are no unpleasant surprises. With ww.edit we can set up an online presence for you in no time at all, providing more than just basic functionality or a ready-made theme.


The first CMS-based website on the honor roll of the project "Barrierefrei Informieren und Kommunizieren" (BIK) was implemented with ww.edit. Benefit from our many years of experience in ensuring technical accessibility.

Application framework

Whether planning a country-wide tour, registering for a webinar or controlling a web2print portal: with ww.edit we develop online applications that are precisely tailored to the processes and needs of our customers.


ver.di Youth Kampagne „Tarifrebell*innen“

Colourful and loud, courageous and decisive - these are the tariff rebels of the ver.di youth. wegewerk was allowed to develop the concept and the implementation for their tariff campaign 2020.

SAVE BEES AND FARMERS ECI Website "Save Bees and Farmers!"

"Save bees and farmers!" rallies support for more sustainable agriculture. wegewerk built a sleek multilingual petition website for the European Citizens' Initiative.

Industriegewerkschaft Metall (IG Metall) Klick und raus – Das Dialogportal

Das Web to Print-Dialogportal der IG Metall macht das Erstellen und den Versand individualisierter Printprodukte an unterschiedlichste Zielgruppen zum Kinderspiel.