Collective Agreement Rebels are not to be trifled with

The ver.di youth has at least as much to say as its umbrella organisation. Together, its members stand up for fair wages, high quality training and better working conditions and mix up the negotiations with drive and determination. As the lucky winner of a member vote, wegewerk developed a new campaign umbrella for the collective bargaining work of ver.di youth.

A claim with assertiveness

From the beginning it was clear that the campaign had to embody the feeling of a generation: With ideals such as diversity, fairness, independence and cohesion, there is a rebellion against outdated (power) structures. The campaign claim Tarifrebell*innen (Tariff Rebels) was convincing above all because it gets to the heart of the objective, but leaves a lot of room for flexible application.

In the sense of liquid campaigning, regionally and thematically extremely differentiated target groups can develop the campaign further and make it their own. The umbrella campaign with its various offers and measures provides a recognisable framework in terms of content and visuals.

Video: ver.di Youth in Saxony, Saxony-Anhalt, Thuringia (in German)

Tape art and social media templates - customising the collective bargaining campaign

We developed a wide range of offline and online materials, which always leave room for own messages and demands.  In addition to classic materials such as banners and textiles, individualised tape was designed as the main action element. The campaign uses tape in five versions to become visible, to (re)claim spaces and to carry messages into the world again and again. In this way, everyone can appear as one and leave their mark.

The DIY idea of the basic design was also taken up in the online elements of the campaign, among other things with customisable social media and poster templates, as well as a decidedly interaction-oriented social media strategy. For the tariff rebels, doing it yourself also means: showing your face as a model for the campaign's poster motifs, which were created as part of a shooting trip. The online offer is complemented by a central campaign page as an information hub, which was implemented with our own CMS ww.edit.