Anything but technophobic: Digitisation is a burning issue for the Protestant Church. With the memorandum "Freiheit digital" (Digital Freedom), the church is trying to provide orientation in the digital transformation and to weigh up the opportunities and risks. For this, it goes back to the Ten Commandments: What does "Thou shalt not kill" mean in the age of autonomous weapons systems? And does "Thou shalt not steal" not also apply in the gig economy? To ensure that these considerations are not only perceived by the specialist audience, wegewerk developed the #EKDigital campaign including a design line, website and accompanying social media formats that make the debate tangible and accessible even to target groups far removed from the church.

The Ten Commandments of Digitisation

The evangelical memorandum on digitalisation is an impressive 248 pages long. If you don't have time to read it, you can find a comprehensible overview of the publication's ten chapters at With our reliable in-house CMS ww.edit, our technicians created a slim and visually appealing landing page. The website texts were created in close cooperation between our editorial team and the editors of the Protestant church. Our design team borrowed the ones and zeros from the 10 Commandments as a design link between the Old Testament and the digital world.

Theology meets digital everyday life

Together with the social media team of the EKD, we then asked ourselves the question: How can a theological-scientific publication also ignite on social media? The answer: with formats that bring together the church and the lifeworld of the users. That's why we take a critical look at the influence of influencers in Insta-Stories, deal with hate speech on Twitter and discuss the topic of generational justice on the ageing network Facebook.