Whether it's a cinema evening organised by the student council, a hip-hop or theatre workshop or a music festival: young people are invited to realise their own project ideas and thus actively help shape their environment. The Future Package programme, which is funded by the Federal Ministry for Family Affairs, Senior Citizens, Women and Youth and implemented by the DKJS, among others, is also aimed at organisations and local authorities that want to support young people in implementing projects and facilitate participation.

Website as an information hub on the way to more participation

The website offers a good mix of specialist and low-threshold, youth-friendly information about the programme. Classic contact forms, consultation hours and interactive FAQs leave no questions unanswered - and no project idea unrealised. Everything is easily accessible thanks to target group-orientated entry points and user guidance.

The website grows with the programme: Project presentations whet the appetite for your own projects, and knowledge areas on the topic of participation strengthen the expertise of sponsors and local authorities. Small animations on all pages remind users of the credo set out in the corporate design: get active and get involved to make the world a little more colourful.

Close to young people, sponsors and local authorities thanks to social media management

Target group-specific communication is also the name of the game on social media: on Instagram and TikTok, we target young people with content and formats geared towards interaction and current trends to get them excited about participation. On Facebook and Instagram, information about the programme makes it easier for organisations and local authorities to submit successful applications and provides knowledge to strengthen everyone's expertise. For even more child and youth participation, far beyond the programme.