For more than 70 years, the German Youth Red Cross (JRK) has been actively working to create a better, safer society through education, violence prevention and health promotion. The many first aid courses with which the association regularly introduces children to the correct behaviour in emergencies in almost every city in Germany are still one of the comparatively smaller tasks that the approximately 140,000 employees of the JRK shoulder every day.

First aid courses are particularly important in a pandemic.

Due to the Corona pandemic, however, such courses can no longer take place in their usual form - although they would be particularly important right now. In a very short time, the JRK has therefore set up a new information portal with our help, which not only explains the basics of first aid to children, but also deals specifically with the special features of rescue measures in times of a pandemic.

Learning material for online and offline teaching.

Using powerful illustrations, various topic pages show how people in need can be helped without exposing themselves to the risk of infection. Interested children and adolescents can test how well the knowledge they have acquired here in a series of games and quizzes, such as a mask hidden object or a memory game. In addition to the online portal, various print products such as posters and quartet cards have been produced, with which the most important contents can also be learned offline. Additional print templates for posters and other working materials are available to teachers in a small extra section for learning materials.
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