It is about those who keep the system running: In its current round of collective bargaining, ver.di is fighting for better working conditions for public sector employees of the federal states. wegewerk was entrusted with the task of developing an online game for this purpose, which was intended to give an understanding of the advantages of union membership and motivate public sector employees to participate in collective bargaining by creating a sense of community.

It's all fun and games - and solidarity.

Not an easy task, because the public service unites a wide variety of occupational groups that could not be more different in their everyday work. In order to create a sense of community between sea rescuers, administrative specialists and nurses, wegewerk developed a web game that gives employees an understanding of the lives of other public service occupational groups, conveys exciting facts about trade union work - and is also a lot of fun: TarifJump was born!

No one gets dropped.

In this game, which is based on jump-and-run games, players steer one of six selectable game characters through three levels, each of which represents one of the worlds of life in the public service: "Roads and waters", "With people, for people" and "In administration, universities and IT". The players hop platform by platform towards the big goal of the game, a successful collective agreement. If the character falls, it is caught and the player has to answer a question about trade union work, then they move on to the next level. If the answer is correct, the player gets a speed boost; if the answer is wrong, the player moves at normal speed. It's just like real life: In a Union, no one gets dropped!