There are ingredients in our food that are not on any ingredient list: Exploitation, land theft and environmental destruction. Under the name "Our Food. Our Future", 16 NGOs from all over Europe have joined forces with the support of the European Union to change this. The aim is to inspire young Europeans to demand change and an end to environmental destruction and human rights violations from politicians and companies.

A campaign for all of Europe.

When we started the development together with the European campaign consortium, the most important requirement was: this campaign must appeal equally to young Europeans in all 13 partner countries. The first step was to develop a modular campaign design that is just as young and non-conformist as the people who are taking to the streets for "Our Food. Our Future". Our design emphasises odd shapes and bright colours and is adaptable to the different needs of the national partners. The colour palette is based on the bright colours of our industrial food system: fruit crates, freight containers, discount signs.

The "Our Food. Our Future" campaign trailer was developed and produced together with our partners from WayOfLove.

Hidden ingredients, visible protest.

For three years at first, "Our Food. Our Future" will raise the alarm. It is important to the organisers that young Europeans can get involved in the campaign as much as possible. To this end, wegewerk developed a Europe-wide ideas competition and supported the campaign with a guerrilla action during a European action week:

Christliche Initiative Romero

In supermarkets from Lisbon to Bucharest, activists put stickers on products that are particularly harmful to people and the environment. Curious shoppers can use a QR code to access the campaign site we designed and learn more about the injustices in our food system.