How do I find the right subject for me? What obligations does working student status entail? And what if I have to drop out? The questions that can arise in the course of a degree are many and complex. For ver.di youth, wegewerk has now developed a new information portal that offers (dual) students and those interested in studying a central contact point for answers, information and support about studying.

With clear design to the solution.

Users will now find all the information on the topic of studies of ver.di youth, which was previously scattered over several websites, in one place - in a new structure that focuses on maximum clarity with clear menus and short snippets of information. This is also reflected in the design, which has a clean, unobtrusive look and a clear colour coding system - red for the ver.di trade union, green for ver.di youth, blue for students - to guide users through the content.

A new participation area is the place where everything comes together. Here, students will find all relevant offers and activities on site in a filterable and clearly arranged action hub - for the young, digital-savvy target group, of course, always with the claim mobile first!