At ver.di Youth, little takes place behind closed doors. Instead, the youth organisation of the United Services Trade Union ver.di lives from and for the energy of its members and invites participation in all processes, not only on the streets and in negotiating rooms, but also in social media: While wegewerk has been managing the ongoing social media work of ver.di youth at the national level since the beginning of 2020, the many channels of the individual regional groups are in the hands of committed trade union members.

Unity through flexibility.

To be able to still display a uniform, clear visual identity nationwide, wegewerk has now developed a new social media concept that supports this diversity of social-media-channels and -heads and plays to its strengths. This is achieved through a fresh design and new channel strategies that focus on flexibility and ease of use with basic guidelines and a variety of good templates and can be easily learned through training.

Intensive social media support.

In addition, the new concept focuses on the community of union members and highlights the union's sense of unity with new interactive formats and an image strategy that establishes individual members as the faces of ver.di youth. Beyond strategy development, wegewerk has been providing intensive social media support since 2020, producing coordinated content on a weekly basis and providing community management and social media monitoring.