On behalf of consumers, foodwatch fights for good, healthy and honest food. In doing so, the association repeatedly demonstrates the courage to take on the powerful food industry.

Wegewerk has been managing foodwatch's websites since 2015. Now it was time for the relaunch with an up-to-date TYPO3 version. The new foodwatch.org has a modern look and speaks four languages.

Simply collect supporters

oodwatch thrives on the support of members, interested parties and consumers. The association's campaigns are prominently displayed on the new website and supporting petitions only takes a few clicks. Practical: Your own data can be saved for participation in further campaigns. 

Signatures from other sources, e.g. joint initiatives with other organisations, are pooled by the system. This way, the signature counter always shows the correct status - no matter where the supporters have registered. 


Optimized usability

In addition to campaigns, consumer information is another focus of foodwatch's work. The content of the website is tagged and automatically linked to each other via a category system. This way, users receive suitable articles and information for further reading.

Ease of editing

The work of foodwatch editors will be facilitated by a newsletter interface with CleverReach, a better search feature based on Solr and export functions in the backend. Newsletter subscriptions and supporters of mail campaigns may be managed in compliance with data protection regulations.

Scalable for success

When foodwatch once again awards the "Golden Cream Puff" to a particularly anti-consumer product, the website traffic goes through the roof. Fortunately, we use a hosting cluster: When the load is high, an upscaling takes place and additional servers are made available. If the traffic on the site goes down, the additional servers switch off again. The cluster solution meets high data protection standards and uses European servers.