Helping people who are prevented from exercising their legal capacity and ability to act due to limitations in their physical or mental health to be able to lead an independent life again - that is the task of professional carers. Within the framework of a relaunch, wegewerk was commissioned to completely redesign the website of the largest representative body of this profession, the Bundesverband der Berufsbetreuer/innen e.V. (BDB). (BDB), was completely redesigned.

Faces instead of stock photos.

In the conception process, it was clear from the beginning that the new website must reflect what the work of professional carers is all about. It must convey closeness, be accessible and have a high degree of accessibility. This requirement is particularly evident in the screen design of the new website: Instead of using stock photos, real BDB employees show their faces wherever possible.

Accessibility is a top priority.

In addition, the website has a personal page system that links all articles published on the website with their authors. By clicking on the portrait of a staff member, you can access not only further information, but also all the texts written by that person. For maximum accessibility, the website also has a practical map tool with a filter function that provides information on the regional groups of the BDB.

Accessible CAPTCHA.

Another central aspect of the website is accessibility. To ensure that the website is truly accessible to all, we have developed our own captcha system, which is not based on images but on text and can therefore also be used by people who rely on text-to-speech programmes.