For noble goals, communication sometimes has to be fast: The Federation for the Environment and Nature Conservation Germany (BUND) commissioned us with the support for the campaign "Raus aus der Massentierhaltung" (Get out of factory farming). Shortly before the demonstration on 9 September 2017 against the Wiesenhof factory in Königs Wusterhausen, the creation of the campaign was to be conceived and produced - in a period of only two weeks. We developed a creative concept including a new campaign logo in a very short time. This included poster and signage motifs, sharepics for social media mobilisation, website headers and banners.

Action materials for the campaign.

The next step was a nationwide action day in October 2017. Here we supplied everything for the cross-media area in the desired period - of course in the appropriate, sustainable-ecological quality (stickers, web banners, demo banners, posters and postcards, flyers and social media graphics).

Aufkleber zur Kampagne

Kampagnenlogo und Key-Visual „Küken“ als Aufkleber.

Sticker mit Kampagnenclaim

Kampagnenclaim in Stickerform.

Petition call and demonstration.

The pressure continued with the Jamaica exploratory talks in autumn 2017. Here, BUND exerted a particular influence online - and wegewerk provided the appropriate petition texts and graphic material for each party: various web headers in the style of the campaign, each adapted to the design of the Jamaica parties. Within a very short time, 180,000 petition signatories were mobilised and some of the demands were included in the results of the exploratory talks - a success for BUND and wegewerk, but unfortunately without the prospect of political implementation for the time being.
But the work continued: banners and signs were designed and produced for the start of the Green Week and the annual "We've had it" demonstration.

Campaign successes.

The exploratory talks on the Grand Coalition were then put under pressure by the campaign to finally take action against factory farming. After all signatures were handed over to politicians, the campaign ended with the coalition agreement between the CDU/CSU and the SPD in March 2018. The ban on the killing of day-old chicks and improved farm labelling for meat remain as successes.