NFC stands for Near Field Communication and describes an exciting radio technology standard that makes it possible to trigger functions of a mobile phone or tablet via special contact surfaces. This creates completely new application scenarios for communication in space.

In close exchange with Amnesty International, Sektion Deutschland e.V., wegewerk used this innovative technology to collect petition signatures and evaluate demand for specific campaigns.

NFC Buttons „press on for Human Rights"

Ein gelber Button auf dem „ranhalten! Folter stoppen“ geschrieben steht.

NFC chips are embedded in the badges with the claim „press on", which refer to the campaign page.

Buttons were produced under the slogan „press on for human rights", which enable intuitive interaction through embedded NFC chips. When interested people press against, or rather hold their mobile phones up to the buttons, they are taken directly to a responsive campaign page. Here they can choose which campaign they would like to support with their digital signature. This approach not only creates an innovative way of addressing supporters via their digital everyday companions, but also makes it possible to measure interest in campaign issues in a privacy-compliant way. An evaluation page can be used to record which button was scanned with which navigation result.

The animated film on YouTube

Flyer and animated film

Eine Szene aus dem Animationsfilm, die Menschen mit angesteckten Buttons zeigt.

wegewerk designed a flyer in postcard format that explains with simple icons how the NFC buttons work. In order to counter any possible reservations, there is also a reference to the harmlessness with regard to the protection of personal data.

The buttons have a "viral" spreading effect - they were produced and distributed in large quantities so that potentially everyone could get the message of the campaign across. This effect was further enhanced by an animated film that clearly explained how the buttons work.