The Allianz pro Schiene e.V. (Pro-Rail Alliance) is a broad alliance to strengthen rail as a mode of transport, which includes environmental associations, sustainability-oriented automobile clubs, rail unions and passenger initiatives.

In 2008, the Pro-Rail Alliance launched the Europe-wide "No Mega Trucks" campaign together with Friends of The Earth Europe, the European Transport Workers Federation and the European Automobile Clubs. The alliance had already succeeded in raising the issue of permitting trucks over 25 metres in length in the German public. For the planned expansion of the debate to a European level, a platform was sought through which supporters could register and network.

wegewerk realised the multilingual campaign website, developed the campaign logo and produced image motifs. The core of the online platform is a central supporter database, which partly stores its information as (language-neutral) parameters so that the data can be output in different language versions and systematically searched.