The staff of Active Philantropy (AP), a non-profit company founded in 2006, have a clear goal: to ensure that foundation organisations, social investors and, above all, major private donors focus their attention on the fight against climate change. Through expeditions, workshops and networking events, Active Philantropy brings together donors and leading climate researchers to create a modern philanthropy that is appropriate to the conditions of our time.

Cleverly structured for more accessibility.

wegewerk was commissioned to completely redesign the company's corporate design and, based on this, to relaunch the website. The new site is now primarily geared towards presenting the complex topics of Active Philanthropy in an understandable, accessible and straightforward manner. To this end, all content has been restructured and bundled through the use of topic pages and practical accordion elements.

All content available in several languages.

In addition, we have worked with quotation blocks and other in-text elements, so that even text-intensive pages without pictures prove expressive and are easily accessible. The entire website has been made bilingual: The language can be changed at any time via a practical language switch - indispensable for an internationally active organisation like Active Philantropy.
The website was realised with the content management system TYPO3, which is characterised by high security, great feature strength and extraordinary stability, and which allows for a high-performance and smooth page display even with large amounts of content.