Too long, didn't read - reading election programmes used to be a thing of the past. Now there are so-called voting advice applications: Web applications that serve as a decision-making aid in political elections by condensing the programmes, statements or actions of parties into a catalogue of questions and thus making them quickly comparable with one's own preferences. Voting Advice Applications have also been available in Germany since 2001 with the votetest. 

In the meantime, there are various alternatives, but they differ from the election test in one central aspect: They condense all the issues on the ballot into yes/no decisions. This may be suitable for two-party systems, but in multi-party systems with proportional representation, this weakens the significance of the recommendation for many issues, in our opinion. Our votetest does this better.


Have a look at the latest project or dive deep into the history. Most Votetest projects are still online - starting with the first project from 2001.

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