Since wegewerk was founded in 2000, we have seen many hypes come and go: Social Bookmarks, Second Life, Flashmobs. Our aim is not only to recognize developments early on, but also to critically scrutinize their benefits in the light of our customers' interests. We have nothing against innovation: Often enough we develop completely new approaches - but not because it's just a trend, but out of conviction.

Stakeholder Analysis

In stakeholder analysis workshops, we analyze with whom and how an organization communicates and how it should communicate in the context of its strategic goals.


Often there is no lack of facts and arguments to clearly communicate a position. We come in to strategically hierarchize messages, consolidate them and prepare them for argumentation.

Content Analysis

As part of a content strategy, we offer a quantitative (content inventory) and qualitative (content audit) analysis and advise which formats and stories are best suited to reach and retain the target group.

Social Media Strategy

Social media are not an end in themselves. We offer sober advice on which communication goals, target groups and bonds can be reached via which channels and support the efficient implementation of the content strategy.

CRM and CMS Consulting

Using our technical experience and market overview, we support organizations in identifying their system requirements and selecting suitable systems for content management or address data management.

Tender preparation

We prepare action plans for tender preparation for campaigns or specifications for system architectures and advise on the sensible division into lots or the selection of service providers.


Bundesverband WindEnergie e.V. Argumentarium Windenergie

Im Rahmen der Kampagne "Erneuerbare jetzt!" unterstützten wir den BWE bei "Wind bewegt" mit Argumentation, PR-Aktivitäten, Infografiken, Website, Flyer und Werbemotiven.


Stiftung Mercator Zielgruppengenau: strategisches Social-Media-Konzept

Für die Ziele Europa, Integration durch gleiche Bildungschancen, Klimaschutz und kulturelle Bildung in Schulen galt es, eine trennscharfe und gleichzeitig kohärente Social Media-Strategie zu definieren.

Communication Workers of America Wir erwarten Besseres.

Planung und Umsetzung des Social-Media-Marketings im Rahmen einer Anti-Corporate-Kampagne gegen Deutsche Telekom und T-Mobile USA.

Screenshot der facebook-Kampagnenseite „Wir erwarten Besseres“

Landesantidiskriminierungsstelle Berlin liebt.

In nur wenigen Tagen rund 100 Maßnahmen konzipiert, budgetiert und in drei ausschreibungsreife Lose gepackt.

Picture of homepage Academy of Security Policy