A space for culture and education, a place for exchange - that's what the Central and Regional Library is all about. In order to make the library's services easy to navigate digitally, the user guidance of the website was fundamentally revised. wegewerk combined the library's corporate design with a technical implementation that allows users targeted access to all services and offers.

Fewer clicks, better structure.

A streamlined navigation as well as varied displays and elements present the multitude of complex contents of the library clearly and space-efficiently on the new site. Thanks to the structured design, visitors can find what they are looking for with just a few clicks – whether it’s on a PC or on a mobile device.

For the large amount of content and services offered by the ZLB a clear and space-efficient solution was needed. wegewerk worked with varied presentation elements and a lean navigation structure to make sure visitors can find what they are looking for with as few clicks as possible – whether it’s media, event tips or information on memberships.

View of the homepage, events calendar and FAQs on a mobile device

Thanks to the responsive design, users can also access all of the ZLB's services on the go.

View of the recommendation page on a tablet

All services and recommendations of the ZLB can now also be navigated digitally with just a few clicks.

User-friendly design and access.

The relaunch focuses on the library's content. The heart of the site is the search function, which highlights the library's offers such as activities, events and media recommendations, but also grants visitors access to the VÖBB database. From July 2023 an integration of the database display into the website will allow users to browse through the catalogue without having to leave the ZLB site. Furthermore, the current opening hours can be viewed at first glance in the page’s header. The element of the book corner runs through the entire design and ensures recognition.



Participation through current accessibility standard.

In order to guarantee participation for all, not only in the analogue but also in the digital world, the website complies with the current WCAG accessibility standard. Pages in sign language, easy language and an English-language version enable website visitors to quickly access content tailored to their needs.