The klicksafe project is an awareness campaign to promote media literacy in dealing with the internet and new media on behalf of the European Commission. The focus is on the concrete teaching of media literacy for teachers, educators, multipliers, parents, children over 12 and young people. Since 2020, wegewerk has been supporting the public relations work for klicksafe as well as the annual communicative focus events Safer Internet Day (SID) and the klicksafe award.

In addition to ongoing strategic consulting and campaign planning, we also take care of press relations and event management as well as the editorial and graphic conception and creation of social media contributions and press releases. As the Safer Internet Day 2021 could not take place as a school project in face-to-face lessons as usual due to the pandemic, we shifted the knowledge transfer into the virtual game space and developed the actionbound game "In the Bunker of Lies". In line with the theme "Disinformation" for the campaign year 2021, pupils learn through play to recognise conspiracy narratives as such and to debunk fake news.