View of the Öko-Institut homepage on a Mac.

Modern, clear and standardised - the Öko-Institut's new website.

The Öko-Institut researches and advises on a wide range of ecological issues. The interdisciplinary team is committed to translating scientific findings into practical solutions and to initiating and supporting transformation processes in politics and society with new or creative approaches. To this end, the institute not only maintains a website, but has also expanded its content in recent years to include its own podcast, a blog and the online and member magazine eco@work.

A new design for a variety of content.

The institute commissioned wegewerk to relaunch the website. The aim was to develop a new design that would do justice to the rapidly growing range of content. To this end, both the look and the functionality of the site were to be standardised with the help of various functional modules. As part of this process, the podcast was integrated into TYPO3 from an external Wordpress system.

View of a podcast episode page with embedded episode, show notes and transcript.

Prefer something to listen to? The new website enables the integration of podcast episodes.

Less editorial work despite a versatile design.

Wegewerk put together a portfolio of various content objects such as accordions, info boxes or sub-menus, as well as a tagging system, with which the website will be easy to maintain for editors in the future, but will still remain varied and appealing for users.

View of the topic page "Just Transformations" with various cross-links to projects, podcast episodes etc.

For all users who want to delve deeper into topics, cross-links offer further content and material on the topic.

Varied content, one website.

The main focus of the planning was to standardise the presentation of people and contacts. We also restructured the page of the eco@work member magazine and enabled the integration of podcast episodes into the site.

View various magazine content on smartphones.

New structure for exciting content - the magazine is now even clearer.

The powerful Solr search and an indexing system also make all content and subject areas of the site easily searchable so that users can find what they are looking for quickly and accurately.

View of the projects and publications pages with various filter functions.

Wanted? Found it. Whether projects, publications, topics or articles - the site's search and filter functions get users to their destination quickly.