View of the homepage of with a large stage on a Mac.

The new KULTURAUSTAUSCH website conveys a wide range of topics in a modern and clear way.

As a magazine for international perspectives, KULTURAUSTAUSCH has been focussing on people and regions that are rarely heard in the German debate since 1951. The authors come from all parts of the world and offer their own unique perspectives on current political and social debates. With the relaunch of the website, we are giving the large number of authors, topics and countries a clear and modern online home.

Hundreds of articles easily accessible.

Making many hundreds of articles clearly accessible - that is the top priority of the new website. wegewerk designed a page structure that allows existing and future content to be found quickly and easily. In addition to article overview pages on individual topics and countries, the extensive index for authors can also be used for this purpose. And individual keywords can be found with just a few clicks using a Solr-based search.

Surprising perspectives.

The main aim of the website is to introduce users to unfamiliar perspectives. This requires elements that arouse interest in new topics. On the homepage, wegewerk has therefore set up a special stage with one large and several small teasers. An overview of the most-read articles also shows what other readers are currently particularly interested in.

And as a special feature, wegewerk has developed the "Surprise me!" element especially for KULTURAUSTAUSCH: A sticky element at the edge of the page that displays random articles from the entire inventory and thus actively draws attention to content that was not directly searched for - and therefore broadens the view.

View of the suggested articles on the start page as well as the unfolded surprise-me feature with a randomly suggested article.

New perspectives through random items from the entire stock.


Print and online hand in hand.

The web offering is rounded off by a filterable overview of all print editions of the magazine and a shop function that allows both subscriptions and individual print editions to be purchased directly. And in order to tailor the service to the interests of readers, they can use a survey element on the homepage to share their preferences on key topics.

View the shop pages with available single issues and subscription models.

Subscriptions or single issues of the print magazine available directly in the shop.