Good education for all, regardless of where they live or where they come from - this is what Ein Quadratkilometer Bildung (One Squarekilometre of Education) (km2 Bildung) stands for. Originally launched as a pilot model by the Freudenberg Foundation, the project sets up educational workshops in poverty-stricken neighbourhoods, creating development prospects and opportunities for participation for the children and young people living there. Now km2 Bildung has been spun off into its own foundation - and accordingly needed a new website.

Accessibility and clarity are the key words.

wegewerk has created a new website for km2 Bildung that is completely in line with the values of the foundation. Accessibility and clarity are of utmost importance: Visitors can quickly find the content relevant to them via target group-oriented topic pages, and complex topics are easy to understand thanks to practical design elements. To ensure that there are as few barriers as possible, all content on the TYPO3 website can be accessed via a screen reader - and core topics are also available in plain language. In addition, an image concept developed by us ensures unity and clarity in the visual language.