In March 2013, wegewerk was commissioned by Allianz pro Schiene e.V. (Pro Rail Alliance) with the graphic refresh of the association's website.

The Pro Rail Alliance is a long-standing customer of wegewerk. The transport alliance unites 20 non-profit associations and over 100 companies with the aim of establishing rail as a mode of transport with a market share of 15% in passenger transport and at least 25% in freight transport by 2020. To this end, the association works in the political arena of Berlin as a classic lobby. The relaunch of the transport alliance's website was implemented on the basis of the in-house CMS wwEdit.

The current refresh was essential for a continued modern and fresh appearance. The distribution of information for the users was optimised by a new page layout on the start page and sub-pages. This is not only visible in the visually more attractive profiles of the people working in the association, but also in the presentation of the association's own publications.

After migration and final testing of every functionality, the new website of Pro Rail Alliance was launched in August 2013.