Wrongly dismissed as an outdated product, newsletters are still a powerful tool for user retention and an important component of any reach strategy. A "like" is quickly given (and forgotten again), while newsletter subscribers are sincerely interested in your topic.


We create editorial concepts for newsletters and mailings or advise on performance optimisation through AB tests or privacy compliant tracking.

Responsive Design

More and more e-mails are read on mobile phones. We create tried and tested newsletter templates that are also fun to read on the go.

Editorial services

We help with the optimisation of articles, the creation of donor mailings or automated messages such as birthday greetings.

Bulk Mailing

We use a professional EU based mass mailing provider, who operates only on renewable energies. We can offer this solution to our customers at favourable conditions.

CMS and CRM Integration

If desired, our system can also be synchronized with a CRM system and connected to workflows. Benefit from our experience with Cobra, Enter, MS Dynamics and Navision/GOB.


Deutsche Energie-Agentur (dena) Newsletter Zukunft-Haus

Seit 2016 betreuen wir den Newsletter zum Themenschwerpunkt Gebäudesanierung, auch redaktionell.

Deutscher Naturschutzring (DNR) Newslettersystem

Für den DNR haben wir Formate für die diversen Verteiler konzipiert und ein neues Massenversand-System aufgesetzt.

Laptop, Tablet und Smartphone mit der DNR-Startseite