The Central Welfare Board of Jews in Germany is fully committed to the Jewish welfare tradition of "Zedaka". For the ZWST, welfare therefore does not only include material support for the needy: The federation also organizes large-scale educational trips for young people, spa stays for senior citizens, and more. Simplifying the organization of such projects was the goal of a digitization concept developed by wegewerk.

Focus on people

Thinking ZWST digitally: For us, this did not just mean rebuilding existing structures on the computer. In an extensive analysis process, we checked all work processes for their effectiveness. Anything that proved inefficient or error-prone was revised and redesigned in an iterative optimization process and in close cooperation with the ZWST. Even more important to us, however, were the employees. In extensive interviews, representatives from all departments of the ZWST expressed their opinions on existing structures and outlined their requirements for a digital workplace.

Less bureaucracy - more care

The upcoming implementation of the digitalization concept will massively relieve the ZWST employees*: processes that used to require days of work by several departments can in the future be carried out in a short time, decentrally, by just a few people. Thanks to a holistic analysis and a creative reorientation, the employees of the welfare association will be able to concentrate on the actual content of their job: Not on maintaining filing cabinets, but on caring for people.