Gender equality policy for gender justice has become more than ever a location factor. In particular, states that are strongly affected by demographic change must now develop concepts on how to offer prospects to qualified workers.

The government of Brandenburg has met this challenge by developing a far-reaching programme of measures as early as 2010. This supports equal opportunities officers, project promoters and administrative bodies in creating better working and living conditions for women and men.

wegewerk was commissioned to evaluate the results of this programme and to prepare a report on the impact and perspectives of the measure. As part of a series of interviews, wegewerk asked project promoters throughout the province about their goals, successes and difficulties. This empirical part was embedded in a detailed description of the implemented guidelines of the province, in a comparative analysis of the measures in the national and international context, as well as a final conclusion on the impact of the programme.

In a second phase, wegewerk was commissioned to design the report. Multipliers in politics, administration and civil society were to be informed about measures and opportunities of the Framework Programme in a visually appealing and lively form. For this purpose, wegewerk's editorial team created visual material of the projects, their actions and staff on site, which was then reproduced in the project report.

The result is a comprehensive, structured and entertaining overview of the country's efforts and progress in the field of gender equality.