Which channels do you really need? How do you deal with criticism and insults? What are your rules for community management? We are also happy to advise you on agenda-setting and agenda-surfing.


We tailor campaigns precisely to individual social media channels. For this purpose we develop Facebook apps, Meme-Generators or Hashtag campaigns.

Social-Media-Marketing (SMM)

We create media plans to increase reach and address specific target groups. We design effective advertising formats based on continuous testing and optimization of reach.

Editorial content

We optimize posts, create sharepics and define what is possible in the context of your content strategy.

Workflow optimization

A uniform content strategy requires bridges between website and social media staff. We develop workflows and technical solutions so the whole organization speaks with one voice.


ver.di Youth "Collective Agreement Rebels" Campaign

Colourful and loud, courageous and decisive - these are the tariff rebels of the ver.di youth. wegewerk was allowed to develop the concept and the implementation for their tariff campaign 2020.

IHK Die Kampagne gegen Schlangestehen

Berlins Verwaltung braucht dringend frischen Wind. Für die IHK Berlin schuf wegewerk eine stadtweite Aufmerksamkeitskampagne mit Plakaten, Onlinekommunikation, Printprodukten und mehr. Das Medienecho ist groß und die Reaktion aus der Politik folgt wenige Monate später.

Friedrich-Ebert-Stiftung Debating Chatbot

For those who don't want to simply leave the debate columns to populism: Chatbot e-Bert helps arguing for a strong Europe.

Technische Universität München Erklärfilme und Podcast für das Clearing House Unterricht

Die TU München vermittelt zwischen Bildungsforschung und Bildungspraxis. Wie genau, das zeigen unsere Erklärfilme und Podcasts.