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Tools for Political and Social Communication

At wegewerk we do not just want to find new ways. Sometimes we may even have to create them. Dealing with the issues of our customers creates from time to time the need for new tools. Tools for mobilising people to join campaigns, for debating current issues, for organising collective intelligence ...

  • betatext Crowd editor

    Citizen participation in action

    Dynamic document markup made fun and easy

    betatext was developed for the German Green Party Caucus to enable interactive commenting and public participation in the development of policy documents.  The public and important institutional stakeholders can be invited to mark up documents directly, commenting and rating the comments of others to bring the best discussions to the top. 

  • vote-o-meter

    The most flexible and sincere voting aid application

    Similar to many voting advice applications, but superior in many aspects. Mainly our solution is more easily set up, more flexible dealing with the choices and thus more precise in its recommendation.

  • ww.interview Asynchron Interviews

    Result-oriented Online Debates

    Communication becomes understandable through authentic and well organized participation (by the public) and can therefore raise more support for critical issues.

    Virtual conversational interviews even with several dialogue partners are possible by using ww.interview.

  • mailing system

    Tie up Users to Your Website Effectively

    Newsletters are still the most effective instrument to tie up users to your online communication. No matter whether you want to promote your website or your social media channels.

    The example of fundraising shows how effective traditional e-mail newsletters still are: According to our experience, a call for donations via e-mail produce a far higher result than the same call sent out to a similar amount of facebook supporters. As simple as it may seem, however, professional e-mailing has some tricky prerequisites which our newsletter mailing system is designed to deal with.


    Show your strength

    You can show support for your cause in many ways. lets you try them all.

    Whether you gather your supporters into an online petition, a gallery of testimonials, as a twitter wall or as an online protest, wwsupport will help you highlight the strong support for your cause. also makes gathering your supporters together whether they be visitors to your website, mobile supporters via SMS, or twitter activists wanting to add their name. gathers from everywhwere and displays as anything.