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Useful Stuff From the Lab

Dealing with the issues and aims of our customers does sometimes lead us to new ideas for more usability, to better protection of personal data or to new camapigning or deliberation tools. Here we present some examples from the recent years:



the first election advice application

screenshot of a question from ww.wahlcheck

About a year before the Federal Agency for Civic Education launched its well known voting aid application (Wahl-O-Mat), wegewerk built the first online voting advice platform for the Berlin Broadcasting Corporation (SFB). The website analysed the election platforms of different political parties, weighting the issues based on survey results of thousands of Berliners during the 2001 elections.



Pioneering online-fundraising

Pioneering online-fundraising in Germany

The first German party to collect donations over the web, The Green Party, turned to wegewerk to implement this important step in 2001. Coming only two years after the largest party donations scandal in German history, the requirements for security, transparency and privacy of the project were extremely high. Eight years later, the Greens continue to raise money through wegewerk's fundraising system.



accessible spam protection

Spam-protection that may be used by the visually and hearing impaired.

For the minimum wage campaign portal wegewerk was looking for an alternative mechanism for verifiyng human beings. So far there was no alternative challenge to retyping almost not legible text on pictures, that did neither exclude people with deafblindness, nor could be overcome too easily by computer algorhitms. wegewerk solved the task with a text-based challenge, identifying wrong semantic context in a row of four words. 


get out the vote

Mobile Election Reminder

iPhone with text message: Erinnerung Sozialwahl 2011! Lieber Herr Maier, die Briefwahlunterlagen sind unterwegs. Nutzen Sie Ihre Stimme. Sie haben die Wahl! ver.di

As unsolicited promotion calls have gotten out of hands, calling voters in order to give them a friendly reminder encounters steadily decreasing acceptance. Our idea was to turn the unsolicited service into a service on-demand, saving personal effort at the same time. The reminder comes as a short message on election day and may be ordered by all sorts of channels.