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Campaign Relationship Management

Many functions, many possibilities. In addition to offering a simple constituent database ww.Connect can do much more. It allows synchronization with existing systems, integration of geographical information, and easy updates and correction of data by the members themselves.   ww.Connect allows people within a contact database to coordinate and organize from the bottom up. Using a geographical radius search, participants can come together spontaneously in certain regions or cities to take joint action.

Label CiviCRM


CRM for Nonprofits

Civicrm is a powerful, open source Constituent Relationship Management system for non-profits developed together by programmers all over the world.  CiviCRM is more than just an address book, it allows you to track all of your important interactions with ourside people and groups through your website.  Especially tailored to the need of nonprofits, CiviCRM has modules specific to fundraising, member management, event management, email newsletters and much more.  Tightly integrated, extendable and very useable, Civicrm is the full solution for nonprofit databases.