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Content Management Systems

wegewerk creates cutting edge online communication with the best online content management systems:


The Web 2.0 CMS



Internationally popular OpenSource CMS with an article pool architecture as a solution for news portals and Web 2.0 applications

We recommend Drupal™ for websites aiming at providing news, fostering online dialogue and buliding a community.  Drupal is flexible and extendible and therefore an ideal system to integrate external and user generated content. The dynamic Drupal developer community has driven its increasing use in political communication. wegewerk pulls together the best community contributions and our own experience to use Drupal effectively in your campaign.

In use since 2006.


OpenSource Enterprise CMS



TYPO3™ is perhaps the most mature open source CMS for enterprise use and currently used by a wide range of non-profits.

wegewerk recommends TYPO3 for customers with a diverse set of demands concerning the functionality or if they need to to allow for multiple partners to cooperate within one intstallation.

In use since 2002.


The Campaigning Platform



ww.edit™ was developed to support quickly launching online campaigns with low training or support costs.

ww.edit is open source and offers a broad range of campaigning tools, which can be configured to serve your campaign and meet your organizational need. Its dashboard is intiutive and easy to handle, providing editors with maximum control.

In use since 2001.