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The German NGO Deutsche Welthungerhilfe e.V. globally fights hunger and poverty since 1962. With numerous projects in more than 70 countries Welthungerhilfe is engaged in development aid and securing the global food supply.

Beyond helping locally, the organisation also examines the current development aid policy of donor countries. Its advocacy and lobbying activities substantially influence the creation of the German and European development and cooperation policies.

For Welthungerhilfe wegewerk visualised the data presented with a survey that analysed the official development aid (ODA) of the G7 countries. The "ODA tracker" also compares the development of the G7 groups aid budget in the recent years to the estimated need for each type of aid.

Our concept presents the complex data in several different views. With a filter function the desired level of detail may be set in order to impress at first glance as well as to reward an in-depth analysis.

The application was built using the D3.js library for the graphic presentation structured around the angularjs framework. The ODA-Tracker was then embedded to the TYPO3-based website of Deutsche Welthungerhilfe e.V.



More Transparency in Official Development Aid (ODA)

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