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Reading instead of looking for food, arithmetic instead of begging: "Change the Curriculum!" Is the slogan of the campaign by SOS Children's Villages worldwide. To convey how hard the daily lives of many children are, we developed a typical schedule for a child enrolled in "the school of survival". The pupils' food search, begging or long hours of labor visualize the stark contrast between the right to education and the need to fight for survival.

The SOS Children's Villages evoke these two contrasting visions to inspire support for their educational projects. 600 million children worldwide are living in absolute poverty. The goal is to gather many "School helpers" to agree to an active engagement in support of education in their own communities and beyond.  Using the SOS Bildung website anyone can signup to be a helper.

The broad-based campaign includes animated ads on the status screens in Deutsche Bahn train stations and trains, plus with billboards and city light posters. One focus of the campaign is postal mailings and e-mail newsletters. In addition, the campaign themes are spread through online banner ads and distributed on city cards in German cities.

The technological heart of the campaign is the website Here, everyone can be active, making a donation or simply declaring themselves a "School Helper". A playful, interactive donation experience with a metaphor of filling a backpack with school supplies encourages generosity.

To join up, anyone in Germany can just send an SMS with "SCHEDULE, first and last name" to the shortcode displayed on the billboard.  In response, the sender receives notice that his name will be published on the list of signatures at, and receives access to add more information like photos picture or their own statements about education.

Supporters groups have been formed in online communities and social networks like Facebook, Xing and  The campaign website keeps live scorecard of which online community has provided the most support.  

The goal is to spread the word that education is essential to achieving sustainable reductions in child poverty worldwide.  SOS Childrens Villages supports 520 kindergartens, schools and training centers around the world to enable children to have access to a self-determined life.  Every donation is crucial to allow SOS Children's Villages to help children out of povery through education. 


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