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As an internationally operating organization, the Rosa Luxemburg Foundation is mainly focused on political education. It was founded in 1992 and is affiliated with the German party DIE LINKE (The Left).

In 2008 its European office was founded in Brussels, in the center of the European Union. They are concerned with international networking and crossing points of international politics on a daily basis.
For this reason showing the international embeddedness of the foundation was one of the crucial points of the redesigning process: the new web design should reflect how this international network functions as part of the everyday work of the Brussels office.

Thus wegewerk created a new design element that organizes the stars of the European Flag into a network system. This system symbolizes the cooperating organizations internationally.

Besides, several other points were considered. The website is built with TYPO3 which enables to implement the new concept and also design and develop a user-friendly, well-structured platform. Moreover, building a responsive web design and extending the already existing functions were key factors too: event management, archiving, embedded maps and multimedia content were also included.

Regarding the content, the new web design focuses more on central topics of the Foundation and also connects content elements in order to motivate users to discover the website intuitively. By introducing tags, all content elements (text posts, publications or events) can be organized depending on the topic they are related to.

The layout of the event management tool is easy to understand: pictures and dates are listed together with registration forms. Attendants' lists are also easily accessible since the names can be exported into and downloaded as Excel files.

Archiving and publishing have been implemented by organizing events and publication of past years into a well-structured system, that is, older items are assigned automatically to the year of their publications. As a user, anyone can easily open or close these yearly collections. That is how the content remains easy to access but also well-organized.


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New design and online platform for the Foundations office in Brussels

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