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The Private Health Insurance Association (Verband der Privaten Krankenversicherung e.V. - PKV) is an umbrella organisation of 48 health insurance companies that not only represents their interests but also is responsible for developing, implementing and communicating (also by using the internet) the appropriate standards and procedures for its members in accordance with the laws adopted in health care policy.

In 2007 wegewerk was contracted for the technical, barrier-free implementation of the association's central online portal and since then it has also been responsible for implementing various other PKV offerings such as the website for the PKV information campaign "Healthy Insurance" with a static information design. Previous implementations were regular Flash banner concepts and developments and an API for PKV's strategic partners, within the context of lobbying work.

The CMS ww.editâ„¢ was used to implement all the offerings. The system's integrated multi-site management option makes it possible to summarise the various offerings in a central installation and to operate the central web server in the PKV's data processing centre.
The next high point and milestone in the election phase for 2013 will be the relaunch of the association website in spring 2013. Responsive Design, HTML5 and CCS3 standards as well as Access 95+ are set goals for the existing innovation.


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