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Since 1971 the independent NGO Doctors Without Borders (MSF) has traveled to crisis areas around the globe to offer medical help to those in need, and to bear witness and raise awareness of their plight. For their efforts the organization was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize in 1999.

In April 2013 wegewerk came together with agency werk21 in a joint winning bid to implement the new wegewerk was responsible for technical specifications and front-end development, and coordinated the project in consultation with MSF and various involved agencies.

Among the challenges we faced were a tight timeplan before fundraising kicked off in the fall, and a design that continued to be expanded with new concepts and layouts during the build out. We started with a base system developed by MSF global and the independently developed design, and began the challenging process of bringing them into sync. Wegewerk also took a central role in communication with the Belgian agency who built the framework, and with Acquia, the American hosting and support service provider.

The website offers a wide and deep view into the operations of MSF, with engaging media content, a full screen map app, a rich range of content types, and events showing off MSF's mission to help those in need around the world. Specific sections and layouts call attention to fundraising and recruiting needs, and micro campaigns. The website content management system is Drupal 7 with a fully responsive front-end design. In addition to responding continuously to screen sizes from mobile phone to desktop, the design takes advantageof higher resolution retina displays when available. A custom block override system allows editors to customize blocks embedded in various areas of the drupal page layouts on each article without disturbing automated, or pre-defined content.


Médécins sans frontières (Germany)

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Médécins sans frontières (Germany)








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