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Who knows who in the widely flung network of politics, economy and media? Who does lobbying in Germany? And how can we discover if lobbyists represent the interests of individuals or the common good? “Lobbyradar” at was created to offer insights into the world of lobbying.

The project was developed by journalists Dominik Wurnig, Jan Schneider and Michael Hartlep. Supported by the “Medieninnovationszentrum Babelsberg“ (MIZ) and in cooperation with „“ the aim of the project was to make lobbying in Germany more transparent and to engage especially younger people.

wegewerk was commissioned to draft and implement a user-friendly Browser extension – a “Lobbyradar-Plugin”, offering additional information about mentioned people and organizations when reading articles online.

Contacts with public figures are an important basis of the work of lobbyists. The plugin „Lobbyradar“, as the core of the project, reveals a number of these contacts and additional relevant information.

Once installed in your browser, the plugin scans the content of the page you are visiting and compares it with an integrated database. Matches get marked in the text and by clicking on them, a pop up with additional information, a link to the external database and to the website of Lobbyradar appears. Furthermore a list of matches can be opened at any time from an icon in the browser bar. Users can share these results with social media buttons.

The database created by OpenDataCity combines available information about party donations, lobbying organisations that are registered in the German Bundestag, ancillary income of the members of the German Bundestag and people who stepped through the revolving door from politics to business. The database is updated frequently, for instance by statements about lobbying agencies. 

wegewerk created the plugin for the latest version of the browsers Mozilla Firefox, Chrome and Safari.

In 2015 “Lobbyradar” won the awards “PRIX EUROPA” for the best European online project, the Lead Award in silver in the category "Webfeature of the Year" and took the third place in the “dpa-Infographic-Award”.



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