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With a campaign week from 5th - 9th November IG Metall kicked off its pension campaign with operational actions throughout Germany: "Good work - good retirement".

People who have worked hard all their lives should receive pensions that are enough to live on. With the gradual increase of the retirement age, politics is headed for a society characterised by isolation, unemployment and old-age poverty. Even today only 14% of employees manage to work until their 65th year (Federal Labour Office, 2012). Working until 67 is unimaginable for many in Industriegewerkschaft Metall.

IG Metall is demanding that politics and industry rethink retirement: "Only a few people in the industry will be able to work until they are 67. Therefore we will not relent on the subject of retirement", says Jörg Weigand of the campaign department of the IG Metall executive board. "The campaign represents our counter-model to the federal policy. IG Metall's goal to create conditions for a good retirement: work conditions favourable to older workers, flexible transitions into retirement and a provision for old age that shows solidarity."

The regional offices of IG Metall are planning to initiate further actions until the election. They are inviting the candidates into the factories. Together with the employers they should explain what an ageing society might look like in the factories. Work favourable to ageing and older workers requires a rethinking both among employers and in politics, where the framework conditions must be created.

wegewerk is accompanying IG Metall in its retirement campaign. Together with the IG Metall executive board's specialist division, Members and Campaigns in Frankfurt am Main, wegewerk is developing numerous communication measures. wegewerk is responsible for the campaign's design direction. Numerous campaign ideas, information and background materials were designed by wegewerk.


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"Good Work - Good Retirement” pension campaign

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