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In 2012 the Brandenburg Ministry of Economic and European Affairs (MWE) contracted the agencies wegewerk GmbH and ariadne an der spree GmbH as a working partnership to implement an image campaign for the appearance of the EU funds EFRE, ELER and ESF in Brandenburg.

The strategic goal of creating a positive first-hand experience of being a Brandenburg resident with good prospects, also because of the EU, is achieved by addressing participants in a way that, by emphasizing the region, allows them to recognize a personal benefit from EU funded projects. Since September 2012 an integrated campaign concept has made it possible to access these projects interactively. The core element of the campaign is the off/online integration of communications via traditional advertising and mobile online channels. The creative strategy was developed by the agencies jointly, with the goal of combining innovative technology with an unconventional campaign design aimed at multipliers.

wegewerk developed a web application that works like a native application on mobile end devices with an offline storage function and familiar mobile device control elements. The core elements are an augmented reality channel application, a customisable project guide with a mapping and listing function as well as a geocaching tool with an interactive function that can be used to explore Brandenburg's natural landscapes. To represent the contents and activities of the campaign in an appealing way, wegewerk devised a campaign website that is integrated into the MWE's design concept.

In addition to a social media strategy, an editorial highlight is the production of nine reports on best practice projects in Brandenburg which emphasise the emotional and functional added value of the projects to Brandenburg residents.


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Brandenburg Ministry of Economy and European Issues

Image Campaign for EU funds

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Brandenburg Ministry of Economy and European Issues


2012 to 2016


cooperation with:

ariadne an der spree