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The German Midwifery Association represents more than 18,000 midwives working both as freelancers and in clinics. In summer of 2014, wegewerk was tasked with the conception and implementation of an agenda-setting campaign to raise public awareness of how midwife services were becoming unavailable in Germany because of liability insurance policy and worsening working conditions for midwives.

Our challenge was to frame the issue as an urgent matter even after the insurance liability problem had already had strong media coverage a few months earlier.  We needed to have the campaign stand out from previous messages and challenge stereotypes.

wegewerk developed a multi-channel campaign, consisting of a responsive campaign website, social media channels, posters in doctor’s offices and clinics, Billboard buys in Berlin public transport, and targeted activism on the ground. A high degree of recognition is ensured by the striking, bright optics. 

Did you know that in Germany births can take place without a doctor, but every birth must be attended by a midwife? Shortsighted policies are endangering what has been the cornerstone of safe childbirth for generations. To drive this home we developed the unusual claim "Born in the arms of my midwife" which we connect to the faces of people from all walks of life.  From grandmothers to metal guitarists, the diversity of those “Born in the arms of a midwife” reminds us that the topic affects all of us: we all need our midwives.  The "Show your face" feature on the campaign website allows users to upload their own pictures and testimonials themselves. At the moment, the oldest supporter is 95 years old.

wegewerk carried out the complete conception of the campaign and implemented all of its pieces with a consistent visual design. At the heart of the campaign is a website equally inviting to destop and mobile visitors thanks to Responsive Design and active campaigning on Facebook. Posters speak to commuters on the street, while flyers, postcards, balloons and buttons bring awareness the campaign right into birth centers and mobilizations. Greatly enlarged versions of the buttons were used as key visuals for various actions in public space (i.e. in front of the Federal Chancellery).


We need our midwives!

360 degree campaign for the German Midwifery Association

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German Midwifery Association


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