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Since the beginning of 2008, the German Trade Union Federation (DGB) has lead a movement for the introduction of a minimum wage in Germany. With the slogan "Low wages make Germany poor!", the campaign organizes supporters and activists to "End Working Poverty".
A broad-based online campaign, posters and display advertising and public events support the call for the introduction of a minimum wage of not less than 7.50 euros per hour.
The campaign's portal offers campaign updates, event calendars and photo galleries and puts a human face on the minimum wage struggle.  An online reporting tool helps low wage whistle-blowers to collect and list specific instances of low wages in Germany.  
For the first time in Germany, people were able to sign a petition via SMS message.  Supporters can also upload their photos and deliver their own messages on minimum wage.  
Using a legislative map, members of parliament can be queried on their position on minimum wage, and directly labeled as for or against.  Politicians are also asked "Would you work for less than EUR 7.50 per hour"?
Wegewerk creates a daily press analysis and manages the news ticker.  The site also offers an hourly wage calculator, e-cards, events, flash games, advanced searching capabilities and much more.  The minimum wage has become a major campaign issue for the 2009 election cycle.

German Trade Union Federation (DGB)

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German Trade Union Federation (DGB)


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