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In summer 2015 the CWA union gathered supporters for a petition in front of the Committee for Petitions at the German parliament. The aim of the petition was for the Federal Republic of Germany, as a majority shareholder of the company “Deutsche Telekom”, to take steps to ensure that workers’ rights both in Germany and at “T-Mobile USA” were respected.
The accusation: Management in the USA systematically hinders and limits the education of employee representatives and pressurises unionised workers. 
wegewerk advised the CWA on useful social media strategies and implemented these in collaboration with German cooperative partners, ver.di and DGB. Consultation was provided using a social medial concept which was subsequently passed on to the customer. wegewerk also visualised Facebook-related editorial work with the help of an editorial plan and made this available to customers and cooperative partners. Against this backdrop, wegewerk coordinated the distribution of information and collaboration with social media teams during the campaign.
An additional task comprised the creation of regular Facebook posts in video format showing the opinions of affected T-Mobile employees or conveying a factual impression of the situation using relevant figures. For this purpose wegewerk developed an explanatory film which presented these complex issues as simply as possible in just several minutes. In order to simplify filling out the online petition, wegewerk created a step-by-step explanatory screencast. 


Social media campaign for the Communications Workers of America



Communications Workers of America (CWA)


since 2015