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In 2013 wegewerk was tasked to develop a campaign concept and action plan for the German Renewable Energy Federation (BEE). Being the umbrella organisation for Germany’s renewable energy sector BEE unites the German trade associations for hydropower, wind energy, bioenergy, solar energy and geothermal energy.

The campaign aims to influence public discourse regarding pace and costs of the national energy transition on behalf of the renewable energy sector and to emphasise its economic benefits compared to fossil and nuclear power sources. In order to effectively communicate this message, wegewerk developed a series of motifs highlighting the follow-up costs of traditional energy sources. They revolve around the central claim “No Hidden Costs” and lead up to our call-to-action “Renewable Energy Transition Now” which is embedded in the campaign logo.

As a foundation wegewerk build the campaign website relying on the content management system ww.edit. The page uses responsive design, adapting to the type and size of different user devices. Among the website’s functions are modules to support the campaign (e-cards and lists of supporters) as well as a newsletter. A lobby-tool shows candidates’ positions for 2013’s parliamentary elections via red, yellow and green signals.

The campaigns’ supporters can contact each candidate via e-card to call for a “Renewable Energy Transition Now!” In a workshop led by wegewerk and bringing together BEE and its member associations goals were then set for the further course of the campaign.


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