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The Pro Rail Alliance is an umbrella organsiation for the strengthening of railway system as a traffic carrier. In the organisation cooperate amongst others environmental groups, sustainability-oriented automobile associations, railway workers trade unions and passenger initiatives.

In 2008 the Pro Rail Alliance started the pan-european No Mega Trucks campaign, together with Friends of The Earth Europe, the European Transport Workers Federation and the European Automobile Clubs Association.

Aiming to prohibit the admission of trucks of more than 25m length, the Pro Rail Alliance was already brought the issue to the German public. For bringing the debate on a european level the alliance needed a better platform to collect new supporter organisations and to build a network connecting them.
For this purpose wegewerk developped the camapign logo, produced the multilingual campaigning website and picture footage. Core feature of the online platform is the supporter database, in which information is partly stored as (language-neutral) parameters. This way one entry may be presented in different language versions.


Pro Rail Alliance

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