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Online agenda setting

Wegewerk knows that it is a challenge to push your message through cultural and political noise that seems to grow every day. To be heard, your issues need an integrated approach carefully crafted to attract attention and move opinion. Whether you target the local, national or international level, wegewerk's innovative Transparent Lobbying campaigns will build momentum towards your goals.


Results that are here today, here tomorrow

Wegewerk can help you to map out the best strategy for your campaign to make real change. We seamlessly integrate internet technologies with efforts in other media and at the grassroots for maximum impact. We are focused on sustainable results that continue to grow rather than vanishing once your budget has been spent.


We speak their language

Our creative team understands what is needed to move people to action, whether your target audience is voters, politicians, businesspeople, young people or donors. We reach people through the information sources they use, in the language they speak, with the arguments they listen to.


With the right tools in your hands...

Wegewerk's technology is a 21st century megaphone to help you be heard over the noise. Whether it is running a multilingual website to coordinate activists across a continent, cultivating buzz through social marketing, or helping you leap over media gatekeepers, our technology puts you at the center of the dialogue. Best, of all our technology is remarkably easy to use, powerful, and integrated. Only a few hours of training will put you in charge--whether your team is one person or 500.


What is Transparent Lobbying?

Transparent Lobbying means using technology to create political change from the ground up, with grassroots public education, persuasion of opinion leaders and “grasstops”, and compelling arguments to policy makers.


Transparent lobbying is the cost-effective and sustainable way to cut through the noise and put your issues front and center. Wegewerk can hand you the megaphone today.