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Communication and Technology from the Same Hands

three overlapping circles, named "message", "design" and "technology", on which different keywords are allocated.

Our key competencies: centered around the requirements for successful campaigning


At wegewerk, integrated communication means more than simply coordinating the constituent parts of a campaign. Our goal is to master the whole. Instead of a range of specialists, each dealing with only one aspect of the communication, we offer our customers teams of generalists who will accompany you every step of the way. From the initial analysis and strategic planning to creation and texting, to implementation and ongoing support, we "shepherd" your message directly to your target.

At wegewerk, internet communication is the nexus of a successful media mix. While other media can push simple messages to target groups and generate the desired attention, the internet offers unique opportunities for dialogue between sender and recipient. And that's what we want: to engage the audience in a dialogue and to change public perception.

wegewerk has the communication skills to effectively organize your message and to make it easily accessible, matched with the technical knowhow to spread the discussion through emerging media. The goal is to build you sustainable relationships.


our approach


Our award winning campaigns, commitment to design excellence, and technological innovations all flow from our agency philosophy of sustainable technology.